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These two RS 4 Avants from Audi go at it in a head-to-head paintball match complete with paint grenades. Take that, action movie car fights – an actual car fight.

I love viral advertising. Any time a company does something like this that’s out-of-the-box and designed to entertain and get people talking it makes me extremely happy that brands connect with the 21st century and how my generation thinks. This shows the car’s abilities off without being just a standard commercial.

I was out shopping at Hobby Lobby when I came across these amazing giant flowers! I can think of dozens of ways to use them: party decor, games, weddings, props and more. Here you can get an idea of their size:

More flowers:

Since HL rotates its sales and fake floral stems will usually be 50% off at least once a month, I would wait to buy. The daisies are marked $15.99 and the others are $39.99, so they should hopefully be around $8 and $20. If you’re impatient, there’s always the 40% coupon on Hobby Lobby’s site.

What would you do with these?

Microsoft has been opening brick-and-mortar stores for the past few years, and the La Cantera shopping area in San Antonio will be home to one soon!

The official opening is on Saturday, March 9th, starting at 10:30 a.m. with the Grand Opening Ceremony. Come be one of the first to check out the new store! The advertised highlight of the event is a concert by singer Kelly Clarkson near the Microsoft store in The Shops at La Cantera. Gates open at 5:00 p.m. for this special performance.

For more information about the Grand Opening (including how to get tickets to the free Kelly Clarkson performance) check out the event website.

I’ve never been to a Microsoft store and am really interested in seeing what it has to offer. As a very “geek chic” family, we do a lot of tech-related shopping! I’ll be sure to let you know what I find out.

I recently discovered iMadeFace, an app that lets you customize comic-style portraits to look like you, your friends, or anyone you want to turn into a drawing. It isn’t perfect, of course, but it does have a pretty good range of options to get you pretty close.

I made the image above for me. I also did one with my hair pulled back, which I think is closer to the mark:

Here’s my husband:

Actually creating the portrait is easy. You pick a category of features and swipe left and right to change them. You can then swipe up and down to change colors. After you’re done, there are a bunch of options for exporting the image (saving to your device, emailing, even a quick button to assign the picture to a contact).

I’d love to see what you all look like in comic style!

DeviantART user tommyfilth is refurbishing an old KitchenAid mixer and was inspired to try this awesome Boba Fett paint job. According to the artist it still needs a few things but it already looks amazing and would be perfect for bringing a little bounty hunter flair to your cookspace. Tommy also runs an Etsy store, Pop Couture Crafts.

FLOTUS Michelle Obama wants to encourage kids to get up and move, and in this video she and Jimmy Fallon want to inspire parents to get up and boogie with their kids! A spoof on the viral “Evolution of Dance” video, they get down with some cliché “mom dances”.

Moms shouldn’t feel too picked on; last June, Fallon had a segment on his show called the “Evolution of Dad Dancing” in honor of Father’s Day: