The Art of Stringraphy

Since the early 90′s, Japanese artist Kazue Mizushima has been been building massive musical installations out of silk string and paper cups. Multiple musicians work together in the art of Stringraphy to produce a wide array of music coupled with an interesting visual display as they move around to utilize such a large instrument.

The sound is vibrant and not unlike many “normal” string instruments. Mizushima has toured internationally with her ensemble and also gives regular performances geared towards children at Studio EVE in Japan. In a recent interview with Tokyo Eye she pointed out that the paper cups she uses are original to her early work; likening them to a wooden stringed instrument like a violin, she says their sound gets better with age.

Members of Studio EVE’s Stringraphy Ensemble play for one of their regular children’s programs


A Celebration of Star Wars: Free Family Event in San Antonio on 8/2

Members of the Star Wars Society of San Antonio at a previous NDG Wonderland Bazaar event

Not heading to Wizard World San Antonio Comic Con this weekend?

“A Celebration of Star Wars” is a free event on August 2 from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. at the Wonderland Mall of the Americas. This is part of the Wonderland Bazaar event series run by local group NDG Productions where you can generally expect to find an array of local vendors and organizations, many people in costumes and a few activities tailored to the theme. For this Star Wars event they’re advertising kids crafts, costumed photo-ops and lightsaber demos.

These bazaars are generally much smaller than a normal convention. This can make for a nice outing with small children who would like to see a few people in costume and maybe wear one themselves but would get overwhelmed by the crowds if you tried to head downtown. They’re set up in a corner of the mall so it’s easy to come and go as you like, and it’s always free to attend when they run these types of events.

The GCM DVR: Current Geektastic Shows I’m Recording

With a little one, watching any TV in real-time is an almost unheard-of luxury unless it’s after he’s crashed out for the night. Even then, there’s so much to do that trying to plan on catching anything on a regular basis is pretty much futile. What’s a geek mom to do? DVR it!

Here are four awesomely geeky things currently set to record in our house: Continue reading

5 Very Different Places to Eat Near the Conventions in Downtown San Antonio

Heading to Wizard World San Antonio Comic Con? Alamo City Comic Con? San Japan anime convention? PAX South gaming convention?

All of these are major geek events held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in downtown San Antonio next to the Riverwalk and just a few blocks from the Alamo.

Yep, that’s right. You’ll be practically on the doorstep of two of the biggest tourist attractions in the state.

What does that mean for the average convention attendee? Continue reading

Wizard World San Antonio Comic Con Ticket Giveaways Roundup

Wizard World is holding it’s first Comic Con in San Antonio in just a few weeks!

Want to go for free? I will be. I won my tickets from the fabulous Erica Start Walking and there are plenty of other chances for you to win too!

Check out these great local bloggers giving away 4 packs of tickets:

Geekette Bits (ends 7/29)
¿Qué Means What? (ends 7/29)
Pop Culture Tonight (ends 7/31)
Mommy Mentionables (ended 7/24)
Saving A Buck With Mrs. Buck (ended 7/27)
The Aventures of Faith (ended 7/28)
What To Do In San Antonio (ended 7/28)
Stepfanie’s Desk (ended 7/28)
Wizard World is giving away photo ops with James Marsters as well as regular tickets! (ended 7/28)

Different way to win! From KABB FOX 29 News, San Antonio: “We’ll have have a call-in for tickets starting Tuesday on Fox News First.”

Know of any more chances to win tickets? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the list!

Good luck! Hopefully I’ll see you at the convention!