It’s a Woot-Off!

“Get out the way, we got a Woot-Off! We’re pigging out down at the Woot trough. Ain’t gonna stop until the Woot-Off is done . . .” – Woot-Off Anthem lyrics

It’s a Woot-Off!

For those of you who didn’t immediately head over to, perhaps it’s because you’re not familiar with the site or what it means to have a “Woot-Off”. is one of the original “Daily Deals” sites, and has always been (in my opinion) the best. They started with one item a day and have now expanded that to include one item each day in several categories (, for example, will feature a child-related item each day, while will have a tech item) along with several longer sales labeled as “Woot!plus” at the bottom of each category page.

One of the best things about Woot is that shipping is always $5 for everything you buy that day. A treadmill? $5. A 55″ TV? $5. Bought the TV in the morning and decide you want the treadmill in the evening? No additional shipping cost, because you’ve already payed that day.

So, back to the Woot-Off.

A Woot-Off is a special time, generally lasting two or three days (though this can vary) where the site puts up one item at a time, usually at a discount, until it sells out. Sometimes an item will be available for an hour or two before it’s gone, and sometimes it will be gone before you even knew it was posted. There is a progress bar on the page that shows what percentage of the current item is still available, and you can always see what’s already been sold on the woot blog. No matter how much you buy, you only have to pay the $5 shipping once during each day (midnight to midnight, CST).

The Bag O’ Crap

Also known as the BOC, Bandolier of Carrots and a host of other colorful names, the mythical Bag o’ Crap is advertised as a bag of some sort with at least three pieces of some type of crap inside for $3 (plus the $5 shipping if it’s the first thing purchased that day). Woot does not guarantee you will like the items (they’ve told you straight out they’re crap) but that doesn’t stop thousands of devotees from wearing their fingers down to the bone refreshing the site as they try to grab one. Almost as soon as the BOC is listed for sale, it sells out. I’ve been able to snag a few over the years and while I’m not one of the lucky few to get a TV or even a pallet of car wax I have gotten some useful and amusing items. The thrill is in the mystery!

My Woot-Off Tips:

1. Use a tracker like You can set it to play an alert noise when a new item is posted and even play a special noise when the BOC pops up.

2. Make sure you’re already logged into the site and that your shipping address and payment method are updated. You don’t want to miss out on a deal because you had to plug in a new credit card!

3. If you have to be away from your computer, you can use an app to check the site. Woot’s official app won’t alert you when the item changes, but it will automatically refresh when you check it and shows the progress bar for how many of the items are left.

4. This is the perfect time to take advantage of the Woot!Plus sales towards the bottom of each page if you’ve already payed to ship something today. Don’t forget to take a look!

5. Willpower, willpower, willpower! You don’t really need 3 giant tubs of bacon salt, even if it is a really good deal.

Happy wooting, everyone!

2 thoughts on “It’s a Woot-Off!

  1. What a cool concept. I’ve heard the there’s a wOOtoff on a couple of deal sites but I didn’t know whhat it was. The bag of crap is awesome. Thanks for all the insider tips too. Even though I missed this one I’m hoping I’ll catch the next one.

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