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I have a new addiction. We recently changed our television service to AT&T and with it came a network I’d never seen before: NHK World, the international version of Japan’s public television packaged for English-speaking viewers. It’s packed with documentaries, news, cooking shows and more, and its laid-back vibe is perfect for having on in the background while I do other things.

While watching last night I spotted an ad seeking applications for “JIB TV monitors”. Curious, I did a quick web search and found that people who had been a part of the program (run by Japan International Broadcasting Inc.) in the past were assigned a handful of shows to watch either on TV or online and then compensated via Amazon gift cards after submitting thoughtful reviews. What a great way to get paid for doing something I’m doing anyways! I couldn’t find exact amount they are offering for their next period, but it looks like it has been $20 or more per 300-500 word review in the past.

It looks like applications won’t officially open until July 22nd, but since they’re already advertising for the program I thought I’d pass the news along so anyone interested could do a little research beforehand and decide if it’s something they’d like to try. I know I will, and hopefully a few months from now I can report back on my own experience!


Note: I am not affiliated in any way with NHK or JibTV, and I am not being compensated in any way for promoting this. I just thought this would be a cool opportunity my readers might be interested in checking out!

Every year, Washington D.C. hosts “The Nation’s Greatest Springtime Celebration”, the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo gifted 3000 cherry trees to the city in 1912, and the celebration “honor[s] the lasting friendship between the United States and Japan and the continued close relationship between the two countries.”

Events run from March 20 – April 14 and include boat and land tours, parties, galleries and more. The website even offers a “Bloom Watch” predictor so you can go when the trees are expected to be at their most beautiful.

For me, this is an excuse to share how absolutely gorgeous these trees can be when in bloom. Enjoy!

Petals swirl in the water (via lucy011218)