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These two RS 4 Avants from Audi go at it in a head-to-head paintball match complete with paint grenades. Take that, action movie car fights – an actual car fight.

I love viral advertising. Any time a company does something like this that’s out-of-the-box and designed to entertain and get people talking it makes me extremely happy that brands connect with the 21st century and how my generation thinks. This shows the car’s abilities off without being just a standard commercial.

FLOTUS Michelle Obama wants to encourage kids to get up and move, and in this video she and Jimmy Fallon want to inspire parents to get up and boogie with their kids! A spoof on the viral “Evolution of Dance” video, they get down with some cliché “mom dances”.

Moms shouldn’t feel too picked on; last June, Fallon had a segment on his show called the “Evolution of Dad Dancing” in honor of Father’s Day: