Hot Topic will buy ThinkGeek for $122 million

Hot Topic announced that they will acquire ThinkGeek’s parent company Geeknet, Inc. This isn’t the first major change for Geeknet, the company formerly known as SourceForge and VA Linux Systems, but it is definitely a significant event for what is probably the best-known retailer of geeky and pop-culturey items on the internet. From Geeknet’s CEO Kathryn McCarthy, as reported by PRNewswire:
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Mamachic: Do-It-All Scarf for the Do-It-All Mama

This is the Mamachic, a stylish and incredibly practical garment from creator Angela Tsai. The Kickstarter drive, based here in Las Vegas, has already reached its $20,000 production goal and continues to climb. The Mamachic is designed to be worn and used dozens of ways, most notably as a nursing cover, burp cloth, swaddle, and of course, a scarf! Continue reading

Dad Edits Super Mario Effects into Toddler Video

This awesome geek dad took a video of his child running down the sidewalk and added some coins, a few turtle shells and fireballs, completely transforming an everyday scene and making you think about how awesome it would be if we still had the imaginations we once did as kids. One of my favorite aspects of motherhood has been getting to glimpse into the vivid thoughts of my now 2-year-old, something that happens more and more frequently as his language skills improve. I wonder how the child reacted when he saw the modified video?

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Want: Superhero Swimsuits from BlackMilk Clothing

It should come as no surprise that I’m a huge fan of BlackMilk clothing. These DC superhero swimsuits (detachable capes included!) are at the top of my Summer wishlist! I’m having a hard time choosing between Wonder Woman and Batman. What do you think? Anything “geek chic” on your Summer wishlist?

Want to Meet and Battle Pokémon Gym Leaders in Real Life?

San Antonio locals! The PAX Pokémon League is expanding to include PAX South here in January. They are now taking applications from anyone interested in acting as a Gym Leader at the convention, but hurry! Applications are due 8/22.

The PAX Pokémon League is ready for you! This is a volunteer group that runs a free alternate-reality game at PAX conventions where members act as opponents that anyone can freely approach and ask to battle for the chance to earn a badge. The group has some rules to help things move along, including limitations on some extremely high-powered Pokémon and items to help keep everything “fun and fair for both the challengers and the Leaders.” Continue reading

San Antonio Geek Events for August/September

Although things are slowing down a little bit with everyone going back to school, there will still be plenty of ways to get your geek on in San Antonio over the next few months. Get out and get social at events ranging from Alamo City Comic Con to the multiple tribute/fundraising occasions for the late Aquaman San Antonio Jonathan Vela.

Know of anything I might have missed? I want to hear about it! Feel free to let me know and I’ll add it to this page.

AquaFest ($5 Donation)
August 23

A fundraising event for the family of Aquaman San Antonio Jonathan Vela, AquaFest will run from 3 p.m-2 a.m. at the Korova (107 E Martin St). You can expect to see a lot of cosplayers as well as lightsaber demos, face-painting, a costumed dunking booth, raffles/silent auctions and live music/DJs starting at 9.

Monster-Con (Free)
September 6-7

The flagship event for NDG Productions, Monster-Con is a free two-day convention held at the Wonderland of the Americas mall at 4522 Fredericksburg Rd. From the event’s facebook page: “There’s going to be a Zombie Beauty pageant, guest artists, writers, vendors, Zombie shooting contest, Lil Ghoulie play area, gaming and more.”

River City Wrestling Aquaman Jonathan Vela Tribute & Memorial Show (Price TBA)
September 12

River City Wrestling has designated its September show at Sideliners Grill (15360 Henderson Pass) as a special event to celebrate/fund-raise for Johnathan Vela. All fans and participants are encouraged to wear costumes and enjoy the show along with charity silent auctions, fan-picked matches, a large group ALS ice-bucket challenge out in the parking lot and more.

Alamo City Comic Con ($75 adult 3-day pass, $25-$40 adult one-day passes)
September 26-28

Last year, Alamo City Comic Con made its debut at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center and drew in 35,000 attendees. This year it boasts guests like Stan Lee, George Takei and several actors from The Walking Dead. Expect the usual convention fare of panels, vendors and cosplay.

Cosplay Glow Rave: Heroes Vs. Villains (16+; Prices vary. Presale currently $10 + fee)
September 27

Brought to you by Darksyde Events, this Heroes Vs. Villains costumed rave event runs 9 p.m.-2 a.m. at Backstage Live (1305 East Houston St.). The event will include a $400 costume contest, guest performers and glow/LED accessories for sale along with lots of lights, music and dancing.